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8 Expert Tips to Maintain Curb Appeal Once Winter Hits

One of the best things about living in Canada is the drastic shift in seasons: it fuels our small talk, keeps us on our toes and helps mark time. But when it comes to our home’s curb appeal, winter weather is not our friend. We go from pumpkins and skeleton statues to string lights and festive wreaths to months of décor hibernation. Thankfully a bit of planning and a few hours of work is all it takes to create an eye-catching exterior that can withstand the frigid days of winter. Here’s how to make it happen.

1. Update House Numbers

Address numbers are one of the most overlooked curb appeal elements. When you don't have the flourish of summer to distract from your peeling numerical stickers, it's a serious downfall. Be proud of your home and invest in substantial house numbers that complement the rest of the entrance and make it easy for people to find your home in the dark winter months.

2. Add Functional Lighting

Exterior lighting is one of the most important curb-enhancing components come winter. Days are shorter, and the snow-covered grounds turn into magic with the warm glow of light fixtures. Downward soffit lighting is one of the fastest ways to add curb appeal to a home as well as improve visibility when things get slippery.

3. Upgrade Your Mailbox

Every shabby element of your home's exterior is highlighted when it snows. A rusty mailbox can be a serious eyesore come winter. Maintain the one you have with a fresh coat of paint or invest in a new one entirely. Most letterboxes are secured with two screws and are fairly easy to swap (a masonry drill bit will do the trick for stone and brick façades).

4. Paint Your Front Door

Primary colours fare extremely well against a white winter landscape. This creates an instant focal point on a freshly primed canvas. Choose a hue that complements your home through every season. You may need to file this idea away for next winter, as most paints need at least three days of 12-degree weather to cure properly.

5. Buy a Bird Feeder

Ever wonder why some birds don't fly south during the snowy season? I've read that robins, blue jays and cardinals (to name a few) don't rely on nectar and can find enough food without making the long flight. With that said, a stylish feeder is a great way to add some colour and life to your façade.

6. Install a Porch Chandelier

I'm circling back to lighting, as it's the most important element on this list. If you're lucky enough to have a covered porch entrance, think about installing a chandelier or statement pendant that can withstand freezing temperatures. It's a stylish addition that will welcome guests before you even open the front door.

7. Create Statement Arrangements

Many people invest in front porch planters, but empty them in fall and ignore them all winter. In addition to growing cold-hardy perennials, arrange a few evergreen branches in your neglected containers to break up some of the icy blues. Opt for planters made from durable material (like recycled tires) that can withstand the harsh winter months.

8. Find Beauty in the Season

You just woke for work and look outside the window only to discover eight inches of frozen sky water covering every possible surface. You have two choices: complain about shovelling the driveway, or embrace one of Canada's most authentic experiences and admire the snow-covered branches. You can also "spruce" up your façade by planting evergreens for nature to decorate come snowfall.

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