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Neighbourhood Spotlight: St. Norbert

Considering a home in St. Norbert? This area is a bilingual community located just outside the perimeter, and is home to Winnipeg's largest and most popular farmers’ market, which makes for a fun trip (Saturdays 8-2, Wednesdays 3-7) and some wonderful local produce to stock up on each week!

Homes in St. Norbert are typically single family detached homes, but there are some attached homes in the area as well as high-rise condominium complexes. Pricing for homes in the community ranges from $150,000 to $1,000,000 (for custom-built homes), with the majority of properties bungalows, two-storeys and split-levels built in the 1970s.

The community is also home to the Trappist monastery, a spot rich with history and a great backdrop for a family outing - check out Shakespeare in the Ruins when theatre returns for a unique and fun interactive experience!

For outdoor enthusiasts, walk, cross-country ski, cycle or canoe on the St. Norbert Heritage Trails which are over 30 kilometres in length. Along these trails, witness the site where Louis Riel launched the Resistance of 1869-70, which led to the terms under which Manitoba entered into Confederation.

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