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Nursery Décor That Will Last

Expecting a quarantine baby? Congratulations! Decorating a room for your new arrival is always fun, but if you're not sure how to create a space that will last, read on for some tips:

  1. Keep organization top of mind: There will be days when you just need somewhere to hide all the mess and toys. Baskets with lids and pieces of furniture with drawers and doors are perfect choices with this in mind.

  2. Stay away from themes: Pirates, race cars, princesses, Cocomelon... these may be cute for a season, however your child's likes and dislikes are ever-changing. It's best to avoid entire room themes, and instead inject pirates and princesses into things that can easily be swapped out, such as wall art or pillows.

  3. Keep the furniture functional: Choose items that will stand the test of time (e.g. a convertible crib that will grow with your child), and be careful not to overcrowd the room.

  4. Add elements that encourage self-expression, such as a chalkboard-painted wall, an oversized dry erase board, a magnet wall, or a corkboard to hang their creations!

Just remember, less is more. You can always add or switch things out, but start small and intentional, and soon you'll have a cozy space you and your little one will adore!

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