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How to Store Decorations After the Holiday Season

Cramming lights and ornaments into storage when the holiday season ends is always a downer. Here are a few dynamic ways to make your storage more effective and preserve delicate decorations.

The sparkle and glimmer of festive décor brings abundant joy each year. But once the holiday season is over, nearly everyone is ready to restore their living space back to the status quo.

As you tear down tinsel and unravel strings of lights, consider these unique ways to store your holiday décor, from items big to small.

Repurpose household objects

Wrap string lights or beaded garland around cylinder objects, like cardboard paper towel holders or cans. This is an effective (and eco-friendly!) alternative to cramming them into a plastic bag, where they are likely to twist and tangle. To store faux holiday wreaths, either invest in a hard-shell plastic case or try a DIY storage solution. Hang your wreath around the top of a sturdy coat hanger and repurpose a plastic dry-cleaning bag to drape over the top, tying it off at the base. Now hanging like a coat, your wreath can store vertically rather than getting crushed and bent out of shape.

Use clear packaging

If you store décor in smaller bags, opt for clear packaging with a zipper (think sandwich bag) or use clear reusable bags. It’ll be simple to identify the contents of each, making it easier to stack them in boxes by weight (and helping to prevent shattered glass). Vacuum-sealed bags have a narrow profile when stashing cloth garments like a tree skirt or seasonal holiday clothing, like favorite ugly Christmas sweaters. Regardless of the storage you use for holiday decorations, labeling all bags and boxes with permanent marker or a label maker ensures you have an easier time unpacking decorations when the holiday season rolls around again.


To store and organize dainty ornaments, try filling an empty egg carton and sealing the lid shut with tape. Or, if you’re ready for a more complex DIY project, check out this ornament storage system from Martha Stewart, which involves using disposable cups and cardboard to create a safe storage system for all sizes of ornaments.

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